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We are Fiendish Board Games, makers of Breaking Away and other (less successful) games. 

We are not as active as we used to be - virtually dormant in fact - but we still have lots of unsold copies of our game up in the loft, so be assured that our games are still in print.


Fiendish Board Games is a small UK board games outfit, set up by two blokes  in the eighties (before either of us had kids) to develop and produce innovative games for the hobby and family market. 

The aim was to deliver products that offer simple, elegant game systems with little or no element of luck, in a package that takes no longer than 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete.

In the nineties family commitments left little time for game design, and by the time the kids had grown up there was no longer any shortage of the sort of games we were trying to design, so we stopped designing 'em and concentrated on playing 'em. 

Our games are still in print and available via this web site; just click on the Shop link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Various game-related resources are also available on this site, so have an amble around, although much of the info is out of date.


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Covid-19 announcement

Owing to the lockdown-restrictions in the UK at the moment during the coronavirus-19 pandemic, orders are taking a little longer to complete.

We thank you for your patience.