November 8 - 10  2019 




Hallmark Hotel, Derby

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MidCon XLI

The con is nearly upon us and if you are coming you are strongly advised to head for the news page to read the latest developments, especially if you are staying in the Hallmark Inn.

  • MidCon is a board-games convention held in the comfort of a top class hotel in Derby, UK, which is organised by a group of independent amateur board games enthusiasts. MidCon 2019 will be the 41st and will take place from November 8 to November 10 at the Hallmark Hotel, Derby

  • The convention is now open for bookings for 2019. Please use the discount code HMC0682019 when booking to get the con rates for the rooms, which are: Hotel 82/69 for double/single occupancy, Inn 69/56 for double/single occupancy. The con rate extends to the Thursday before the con starts and the Sunday when it ends. Note that rooms need to be booked directly with the hotel, not through the convention.

  • If you are not already on the MidCon mailing list and wish to be so, send an e-mail via the Queries link in the left hand margin.

  • MidCon provides a very comfortable setting to play your favourite board games and to try out new ones; to meet old friends and find new ones. The emphasis is on relaxation and enjoyment. With typically more than 230 people present, MidCon is big enough to provide the variety you want, but small enough to retain the personal touch.

  • As well as the gaming, there is the Spirit Games stall for new games and the Bring & Buy for second-hand games, plus the real ale bar and the famous MidCon quiz.

  • For any questions contact the MidCon committee click here

Garden room at the Hallmark Hotel, Derby

The main gaming room at MidCon

Latest news

Bring & Buy app (beta) now available for use.

Silly Drive to be held on Friday in memory of Keith Rapley. Obituaries for Keith and also Geoff Brown and Francis Tresham on the Obituaries page.

The 2019 con booklet  is now available.

Bring & Buy spreadsheet now available for those who want to register their games for sale in advance. 

Mug shots of the committee members 

Guide for absolute beginners (newcomers to cons and MidCon in particular) is also available.