1. As the hotel has two bars, and provides specially arranged lunches and evening meals, they request that no food and no drinks (whether or not alcoholic) are brought in from outside at any time. Failure to observe this request could result in extra costs being charged to the convention, or to individuals who are caught flouting this rule.

2. The hotel has its own management procedures. You may find some of these frustrating but being abusive to front line staff for any reason is not acceptable. If you have a problem with any aspect of the hotel's management of the convention's offerings, please raise them with a member of the MidCon committee or with the duty manager in a polite fashion. The hotel is exceedingly keen to retain our business, and we'd like to keep it that way.

3. The entire downstairs area of the hotel should be regarded as a public space, which is not formally policed by either the committee or the hotel staff. Please look after your possessions appropriately, report anyone who is acting suspiciously, and close the doors to gaming rooms if you are the last out - a member of the hotel staff or a committee member can open the doors again for you.