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Our taste is no better and no worse than anyone else's, with the obvious exception that everyone's taste is better than Jeffrey Archer's. There's no reason, therefore, why you should take any more notice of our recommendations than anybody else's, but where would the World Wide Web be without people making recommendations to each other? It's be the California Wide Web or something, so here's a few words about some of our favourite bits & bobs on the web.

Our favourite browser

For a long while we liked and used Opera. Then it became a Chrome clone and got rid of its original team, subsequently to fall into Chinese ownership. Meanwhile, many of the original Opera team moved o to found Vivaldi, which is also a Chrome clone but it keeps the original Opera idea of allowing you to modifythe browser so it looks and works the way you want it to.

Online gaming

Where would we have been during the lockdown without the following sites:


On the small chance you have not heard of the indispensable resource for gaming geeks, here it is. My user name is Fiendish.

The Icicle still Works

I am, so I am told, a very loyal person.  This applies to people and of course my football team, but also to musicians.  Back in the mid-eighties I was knocked out by the high octane Rickenbacker-based music of the Icicle Works, the bastard sons of a marriage between the Byrds and Scott Walker.  The band has long since split up. The drummer, Chris Sharrock, has served time with the La's, World Party, The Lightning Seeds, The Lemon Trees and now Robbie Williams.  The bassist, Chris Layhe, has virtually disappeared from view but does apparently gig occasionally in the north of England.   The band's main songwriter, Ian McNabb, now has a solo career where the commercial success he enjoys seems to be in inverse proportion to the artistic merit of the records he releases. Nonetheless I am sticking with him for as long as he sticks with us.

Since going solo he has released the following albums:

Truth & Beauty *
Head Like A Rock **
Merseybeast **
A Party Political Broadcast On Behalf Of The Emotional Party
Live At Life
Ian McNabb **
Waifs & Strays *
The Gentleman Adventurer
Boots's Boots (limited edition, official bootlegs)
Before All Of This (pre-order from Townsend Records)

The ones marked with an asterisk are recommended, and those with two asterisks are especially recommended.  You can purchase all of the albums from lots of places but the outlet I recommend is Townsend Records.  Competitively priced (though not necessarily the cheapest) and a good service.  Support your independent record store.

If you have a site which you think should be listed here, drop us a line.


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