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Last updated:
October 24, 2009

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Specific Games

18xx Chris Lawson's page for his excellent game kits based on the 18xx family of games plus his web site devoted to the games of Reiner Knizia.
The Depot If your taste runs to the 18xx family of games, this is the site you should bookmark this site.
The Diplomacy Archive A rich repository of information on anything related to Diplomacy.
Gooner's Diplomacy Site No, I don't know why I am plugging an Arsenal supporter's Diplomacy site either. The site is a bit garish but the content's fine.
ALB & GSB A site featuring the hobbies of Ally Bain and is son Graeme. One of their hobbies is Diplomacy, and the section on this site devoted to it has some stragey articles and links to other Diplomacy sites.
Siedler von Catan The German board game sensation. English version now appearing.
Arithmatrix Available as a board game or PC game this is an ingenious looking number game played on a gridde board. The French version is called Arithmatrix the Gaul....
Questique OK, so we've plugged a number game so we ought to mention a word game.  Questique, though somewhat similar to a very well known crossword-style word game, has the enormous advantage of not requiring an extensive knowledge of obscure two letter words in order to do well at the game.
Crokinole or Pichenotte Two sites both covering this venerable game in which discs are flicked by a finger or a flicker. Sort of like a cross between shove ha'penny and snooker as far as I can tell, the wooden boards look great.
6 Billion Board Not Bored games have a web site devoted to their flagship game, 6 Billion, but perhaps of equal interest is the story of what it took to get the game published.
Solo games A neat idea this, a site devoted to solo games.  Predominantly these are war and sports games because ... well because those are the genres that produce most solitaire games I guess.
Shieldwall An abstract game but based on the tactics used by the Saxons when they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory at Hastings. Some pieces are used purely for blocking whilst the rest may be used to capture opposing pieces; some neat ideas.
World of Warcraft money "Make money with World of Warcraft – buy or sell WOW gold at Sparter.com, the world’s first company devoted to enabling global Gamer2Gamer™ trading of WOW currency."

If you have a site which you think should be listed here, drop us a line.


Specific Games

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