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Postal gaming zines

Some say that amateur zines running games by post will eventually be supplanted by web-based zines. There's not much sign of it happening yet in the UK with the postal gaming scene still going strong. A few zines do have a web presence, though.

The Abyssinian Prince The more I see of this zine the more involved I become in exchanging views with its largely American readership. The first American zine to run Breaking Away.
Diplomacy 2000 It's no longer the year 2000 but this truly excellent Diplomacy resource is still here.
For Whom The Die Rolls In print this zine, which runs a phenomenal number of games, looks beautiful and the web site's not scruffy either. The 1998 Zine Poll Winner was given an average rating of 7.47 (out of 10) by voters.
GAME Or, to give it its full title, The Gentle Art of Making Enemies. This is a fast turnaround Diplomacy zine, although other games are featured.
En Garde! Here's a couple of decent looking En Garde! zines.  To Win Just Once is available as a zine and on the web and continues to host the long running Les Petites BÍtes Soyeuses campaign.  King & Cardinal is, I believe, web only.
Fin de Siecle Paul Barker has been around the postal game hobby for a while but despite that ... he's started up a web zine dedicated to this Diplomacy variant.
Minstrel The electronic auxiliary to Rob Thomasson's 18xx zine.
Psychozine Old zine editors never die, they just resurface 20 years later as virtual zine editors.  The webzine is more impressive than I remember its paper-based antecedent being, which must prove something.
Puma A football management game, available in hard copy, by e-mail or on the web.
Sprouts of Wrath Although prone to calling other people "the most evil man in the hobby" Mark's fairly handy with the butcher's knife himself. One of my favourite zines, so what does that say about me?
Variable Pig Settling down nicely, this multi-zine co-operative effort from Europe (English language) has a wide variety of games on offer.
PBM Wikiverse A multi-contributor site dedicated to the world of postal gaming.

If you have a site which you think should be listed here, drop us a line.


Postal Gaming Zines

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