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Because sometimes I forget ...

Mostly what I forget is to write anything for this blog, but I also forget what I was thinking or what was happening in my life several years ago, and for that reason I have decided to continue with my blog.

For many years I ran a blog on My Opera, the community section of the web site run by the Opera browser company. However, that section is being closed down on 3 March, and so I needed to make a decision. Should I ...
  • do the sensible thing and put the blog out of its misery, as I was barely updating it once a month?
  • carry on in a new location?
All it took was one loyal reader to ask where I was moving the blog to as he enjoyed reading my tripe (he did not use the word "tripe"), and so, here I am.

Stay of execution

On the subject of loyal readers, I reckon I have about four, or five if you count me.

To be honest, I am the most important reader. Occasionally I look through the archives to remind myself of events long gone, like the time I tipped RBS shares because, having fallen 30%, "they must be under-priced".

That one worked out well...

So, this is a diary for me, really, that I am letting you peek into.

Since I got a job as a full-time writer, I don't feel the urge to write in my spare time as much as I used to, so do not expect this blog to be updated very frequently.

We'll see how it goes. For now, it has been given a stay of execution.