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Lots of coverage at the moment of the tension in the Crimea, and you should know by now that you are not going to get any sort of meaningful, reasoned analysis of the situation there.

No, what is vexing me is the US correspondent on Bloomberg who is referring to Crimea.

Should it not be the Crimea?

While we are at it, when did it stop being the Ukraine, and become, simply, Ukraine?

Apparently, there is no "definite article" in the Ukrainian language, or in the Russian language for that matter.

So, Ukrainians don't refer to their country as the Ukraine, and by all accounts the rest of us should have stopped doing it when the country achieved independence from the USSR, in 1991.

According to Anatoly Liberman, a wordy professor at the University of Minnesota, "ukraine" means "borderland", so "the borderland" makes sense, but its usage does still make it sound like a region, not a country, so Ukraine it is.

The Crimea is a region, not a country, so maybe the definite article is still OK to use, but Crimea without the definite article is also apparently all right, so I owe the US journalist on Bloomberg an apology.