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Last updated:
October 24, 2009

Johnny's blog and Mikey's blog  

If you decide to invest in a Fiendish Board Game, who are you trusting with your hard-earned cash? Fiendish Board Games is a cooperative venture started by two die-hard board-gamers, John Harrington (the short thin one) and Mike Woodhouse (the tall fat one).

John Harrington

John is a game-design addict. Nothing stops him from working on a new idea, unless it's Lin, his wife or one or more of his three children. A freelance smart-arse since being made redundant in 2007, John can also sing, well enough to have once had a record deal with his band, The Guvnors (a band that had all the worst elements of the Small Faces and Blur).

A long-standing Tottenham Hotspur fan he's continually being told to sit down by the stewards at White Hart Lane, John was also co-editor of the UK postal games zine Take That You Fiend! for over fourteen years and 161 issues. TTYF! is a one-time winner of the UK Diplomacy Zine Poll, despite never having run a game of Diplomacy in its life. Since giving up editing TTYF! John has taken on Mission From God, the directory of UK postal gaming zines, and successfully killed off the postal gaming hobby in the process.

Scruffy games inventor demonstrates Office Politics to politely uninterested passer-by at the Games Fair in Essen.

Picture courtesy of Pete Card

Mike Woodhouse

Mike is very much the brawn behind the operation. More accustomed to play-testing than original thought, this self-proclaimed computer genius works for (and indeed is) Fiendish Business Systems. Currently he is contracting, accepting money from a investment banks in London  in return for doing some very clever stuff. Formerly editor of the seldom-lamented postal games zine Blackmail, Mike is now more famous for his rich fund of cricketing anecdotes.

When not found at the Valley, home of Charlton Athletic FC, Mike relaxes at home with his partner, Pam, his greedy cats and his two still relatively young children.  Mike used to spend far too much time playing Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX) and devising sophisticated trading strategies, but since he has stopped trading so actively he has been perturbed to see his all-time ranking go up...


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