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Last updated:
October 23, 2010

Mission From God - the joy of playing games by post

Who we are - the Fiends themselves

Game Designers Notebook - the birth of Breaking Away

Keeping It Simple - advice on games design from James Ernest of Cheapass Games

GCSE Graphics Course: Producing A Board Game

Tunnels & Trolls: 1984 interview with the designer.

Sick Review of the Year 1997, 19981999 and 2001 (but not 2000)

Johnny's blog and Mikey's blog

Music To My Eras - musings on musical fashions

Zine Idioter - becoming a zine editor

Go together - some games are better played by post

Star Trader - one of the few postal games to match the complexity of computer moderated PBM games

Mind Your Language - a rant about people who mangle the English language

Fiendish Words - editorial content

Reading Matters

We won't lie to you. The purpose of this web site is to inform you about our games and hopefully persuade you to buy them.

Fortunately there's more to life than commerce and we occasionally find time to write something which we think might be of interest to Johnny Punter. Probably our most significant meisterwerk is Mission From God, the listing of zines that run games by post (the hobby whence came Breaking Away and Office Politics), but there's some off the wall fun stuff too, such as the Game Designer's Notebook (a record of how Breaking Away came to be produced) and the Take That You Fiend! magazine Sick Review of the Year (not for the prurient).

The links to all this good stuff are over there in the left hand margin. Enjoy!

If you have a site which you think should be listed here, drop us a line.


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