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MidCon III (1981) by Pete Doubleday
MidCon 1982 by Brian Creese
MidCon 92 - A Pint of Theakstons by Brian Creese
MidCon 92 by Stephen Agar
MidCon - The National Diplomacy Championship 1994 by Shaun Derrick
An Insider's View of MidCon XVII (1995) by Stephen Agar
MidCon 96 by Steve Cox
MidCon 2002 by Stephen Agar
MidCon 2002 by Mark Stretch
MidCon 2007 photo gallery by Peter Birks
MidCon 2012 audio clip of interviews with con attendees on BBC Radio Derby: Clip 1 (wav. file)
MidCon 2015 Review on Creaking Shelves blog
Obituaries: those we have lost