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We are now accepting bookings

Thanks to Rolls-Royce having got in first, this year's con will be a little earlier in November than usual on the weekend of November 2 - 4.

We are now accepting bookings. Use the booking form link in the margin to find instructions on how to register for the con and, should you be intending to stay at either of the Hallmark hotels overnight, how to book your rooms.

Please note, this year rooms are being booked directly via the hotel, not via our illustrious chairman, Jeremy.

While we are at it, we have provisionally booked November 8 - 10 for 2019. We're not accepting bookings for that yet, either.

Facebook group

We already have a Facebook page, but now we have a Facebook group to make it easier for you to do whatever it is people do on Facebook groups.  

I expect we'll be putting things on it such as the Bring & Buy spreadsheets but our big hope is that it will prove a useful resource for matching up people looking for games with those looking for players.

Con booklet & other info resources

The con booklet is to all intents and purposes finished and available for download. There may be a few tweaks and corrections between now and the con but I am not expecting many.

You can also download and guillotine your own crib cards and if you are a real glutton for punishment the handy cut out and throw away sheet with the mug shots of the committee.

Bring & Buy spreadsheet

If you are intending to put a lot of games (i.e. more than five) in the Bring & Buy sale it would be most handy if you would let me know in advance what games you are listing.

Download the Bring & Buy spreadsheet, fill in the details, and email the spreadsheet to john at by 11pm on the Wednesday before the con.

Unless I have assigned you a specific range of numbers, do not assume the numbers you use on the spreadsheet will be the game ID numbers you will be allocated.

Almost there

As I type this, MidCon is less than a week away. Last I heard, all the single rooms had gone at the Hallmark Hotel but there were still one or two twins/doubles left.

There should still be plenty of room over the road at the Hallmark Hotel.

Either way, if you have not yet booked a room then it must now be done directly through the hotel rather than through the committee. 

If you want to get the MidCon room rate, be sure to mention you are booking to attend the con; you might be able to get a cheaper rate by booking through the Hallmark Hotels web site but beware, sometimes their special deals do not include breakfast (and you won't want to miss that!).

We don't get any money out of the room bookings, so we do not mind if you book directly without mentioning the con, though bear in mind the more people known to be attending the hotel because of MidCon the more clout we have with the hotel in negotiations.

For more information, check out the booking form.

The committee members in pictures

If this is your first time, or if you've a bad memory for faces, it might be useful to see what the committee members look like, just in case you wish to raise an issue with them, ask them a question or buy them a drink.

We'll include their mug shots in the con booklet, and possibly have them on display in the main gaming rooms - so you have been warned.

For a sneak preview, images of the committee member are on this page.

Car parking

I understand that this year convention attendees will be expected to pay the car parking fees at the hotel. 

One thing to remember if you are using the car park is you'll need to provide Reception with your number plate, otherwise as well as getting charged for using the car park you'll run the risk of getting clamped and paying a hefty surcharge.

Advance orders with Spirit Games

Spirit Games will once again be running the official games stall. If any you have any specific games you'd like to buy from him - including those released at this year's Essen games tournament - phone him on 01283 511293 or e-mail him to see whether they have it in stock and, if they do, he will put it to one side and then bring it along to the con. 

Let's do it again next year

In a shock development, we have decided to hold MidCon again next year and, to put the minds of many of you at rest, it is almost certain we will be staying at the Hallmark.

Quite a few of you were vehement in your advice that we do not move the con away from its current location, and I can assure you that the committee is just as happy with the hotel as you lot appear to be, but we have to make contingency plans based on the growth rate of the con.

As it happens, numbers were fractionally down this year so running out of space will probably not be an issue for a while.

While I am here, I might as well go out on a limb and predict that next year's con will be held on the second weekend of November next year, but that is not official. I only mention it so Jonty can book the wrong weekend off at work again ... :(

Talking of whom, Jonty and cohorts run the ever-excellent SorCon, and they are now taking bookings for next year. If this year's con is anything to go by, you'll be advised to take a Davy lamp with you. 

The gaming room at SorCon (during a power outage that was quickly rectified)

John Dodds collection

Just a quick word to say thanks to those of you who contributed generously to the charity collection in memory of John Dodds, paying more than listed price for the games on the charity table.

In many cases, people paid over the odds for games not on the charity table and asked for the money to be put in the Doddsy pot.

I understand that John's long-time friend, David Long, who organised the sale, raised more than 400 through the sale of his and John's games, and he was very pleased with the response.

I shall be writing to John's widow, Clare, this week, to pass on the condolences of the few old lags who turned up at the con and who were unaware of John's demise.

Con booklet

The 2016 con booklet is now available, at least a day earlier than it usually is. Feel free to print your own copy ahead of the con, though there will be a few paper-based copies on the registration desk.

We've added about seven new restaurant entries and deleted the entry of what was once the nearest Chinese restaurant as apparently it is now being converted into a residence, or several residences.

John Dodds

John Dodds, former editor of postal gaming fanzine Perspiring Dreams, founding member of the MidCon committee, died suddenly in September just days after being diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

John Dodds 

15 February 1961 - 16th September 2016

A memorial service was held for him on 20 October in London, with many hobby old lags in attendance.

Off the top of my head, we had Chris Tringham (another founding member of the MidCon committee), Adam Huby, Bart Huby, Paul Oakes, Jeff Edmunds, Colin & Marie Gamble, Ken Simpson, Chris Dawe, Mike Moor, Dane Maslen, Mike Woodhouse, Geoff Challinger, Richard Beattie, Brian Creese and maybe a few more.

People flew in from as far afield as Hong Kong and Australia to attend his memorial, which says pretty much all you need to know about the high regard in which he was held.

A proper obituary for John will be in the MidCon booklet. In all probability, there'll be a bucket on the registration desk for those of you who wants to make a donation in his memory to Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis, the charity nominated by his widow, Clare.

This being the Internet age, you can donate electronically ahead of the con. 

As Jeremy Tullett remarked upon learning of John's death, there are not so many con attendees these days who remember him, but those who do, remember him with a good deal of fondness.

It is no exaggeration to say that without John, in all probability we'd be doing something else other than attending MidCon on the weekend of November 11-13.

Let there be beer!

Once again, the Derventio brewery will be providing a selection of ales that look (and taste) suspiciously similar to the ales on offer last year.

Please note that the bar in the Garden Room will only be manned until midnight but if you are a resident you can still get a drink of the proper stuff by going to the main bar and asking them to serve you in what Smashy & Nicey would call a "room service-mungous type way". This means paying for the drinks by card or putting it on your room bill.

Someone letting the side down and ordering a soft drink instead of one of the available ales (see the boxes behind the barman)

Mind you, I can talk; this is me (John Harrington) enjoying a pint at ManorCon with fellow committee member Dave Simpson

Games stall

The Bring & Buy games room will take place again across the road at the Hallmark Inn. 

This year I will once again have sheets printed with unique game ID numbers on them. They will be in a folder marked Bank Statements (it's not a long story but it is a dull one) located on the MidCon Registration desk in the Garden Room. 

Feel free to complete these and then grab the requisite number of post-it notes that should also be located on the registration desk, and transfer the relevant info (game ID, selling price) from the sheet to the post-it notes; the post-it notes should then be affixed to the games, which you then bring along during the sellers only phase.

We have a Boardgamegeek guild

In fact, for all I know, we have two (see Facebook entry, below).

If we'd created the guild 42 guilds earlier we could have got the coveted 1830 number for our guild, but as it is, the URL is:  

Please join the guild because currently I am Nobby No-Mates and the only guild member.

The guild has a calendar - just one entry on it at the moment - plus a forum (empty) and an images library (ditto).

Take two Facebooks into the shower?

It seems I was a off the mark with my previous comments about us not having a Facebook page. I might have known that young Dave Simpson had already set one up. Unfortunately, I only found out after I had also set up a Facebook page.

So, now we have two. We are the Janus of the Facebook world.

The original and much more populated page is here and has been for yonks.

The new MidCon Facebook page, which had better become a page dedicated to the Bring & Buy games sale, is:

There is not a lot on it at the moment, and nothing that is not already on this web site but that may change at some point in the near future. We may even get around to publicising it at some point.

Next stop, Witter (sic)


We still have some T-shirts on the Settlers theme, in various colours.  If memory serves we were banging these out for 12 a pop. E-mail us (via the Queries button on the left) if you want one.

The T-shirt design is below.