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Is MidCon happening in 2021?

Er ... that depends. If the emergence from lockdown goes well and the restrictions are not reimposed, we should be able to host the con in the usual place on November 5 -7.

Please note, however, we have not yet signed a contract with the hotel (now back to being called the Midland Hotel, under the auspices of Best Western) and we are not yet accepting registrations.

What did you do in the Diplomacy era, Daddy?

John Harrington (that's me but I love writing about myself in the third person) has done a bit of a nostalgia piece on what games were available to con goers in the early days of MidCon.

It's off

Given recent developments - the rule of six and all that - the committee and the hotel management have agreed that it is best to end uncertainty and officially cancel MidCon 2020.

Those of you who paid for registration through PayPal should have already been refunded via the same channel. Those who paid by cheques have had their cheques torn up

The 2019 con booklet

Is still available and it is not even the day before the con (at the time of writing). An online version is available here.

Those we have lost

We've lost three more luminaries from the postal gaming scene. Richard Hucknall, the editor of the zine "Fall of Eagles"; Tony Bromley, veteran postal gamer; and Craig Nye, who I only know of from "Greatest Hits". 

The games library

If the log sheets are to be believed, at least three games were borrowed from the games library last year - maybe as many as half a dozen.

Flushed with success we plan to offer a small collection of games, located on a shelf behind the registration desk, that attendees are welcome to borrow (the games - not the shelf).

Coffee of uncertain quality should also be available from the real ale bar

MidCon committee members John Harrington and Dave Simpson sharing a pint at ManorCon

Facebook group

We already have a Facebook page, but now we have a Facebook group to make it easier for you to do whatever it is people do on Facebook groups.  

I expect we'll be putting things on it such as the Bring & Buy spreadsheets but our big hope is that it will prove a useful resource for matching up people looking for games with those looking for players.

The committee members in pictures

If this is your first time, or if you've a bad memory for faces, it might be useful to see what the committee members look like, just in case you wish to raise an issue with them, ask them a question or buy them a drink.

We'll include their mug shots in the con booklet, and possibly have them on display in the main gaming rooms - so you have been warned.

For a sneak preview, images of the committee member are on this page.

Advance orders with Spirit Games

Spirit Games will once again be running the official games stall. If any you have any specific games you'd like to buy from him - including those released at this year's Essen games tournament - phone him on 01283 511293 or e-mail him to see whether they have it in stock and, if they do, he will put it to one side and then bring it along to the con. 

We have a Boardgamegeek guild

If we'd created the guild 42 guilds earlier we could have got the coveted 1830 number for our guild, but as it is, the URL is:  

Please join the guild because currently I am Nobby No-Mates and the only guild member.

The guild has a calendar - just one entry on it at the moment - plus a forum (empty) and an images library (ditto).

Farcebook and Witter

As well as the Facebook group we have a bog standard Facebook page here   We also have a Twitter account that is not so much dormant as comatose.