November 4 - 6  2022




Derby Mickleover Court Hotel, Mickleover (near Derby)

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  • MidCon is a board-games convention held in the comfort of a top class hotel in Derby, UK, which is organised by a group of independent amateur board games enthusiasts. MidCon 2022 is set to be the 43rd and will take place November 4 - 6 at the Derby Mickleover Court Hotel.  

  • The deadline for advance bookings has now passed but you can still turn up on the day and pay on the door. See the instructions in the Booking section of the web site in the left-hand margin for details of costs. Alternatively, you can download an edition of the Queen's Lane Advertiser (click on Booking form in the left-hand margin).

  • It is not necessary for people who attend MidCon to stay at the Derby Mickleover Court Hotel but if you do want to take advantage of the convenience of staying at the hotel where the con is held, we have negotiated special MidCon rates, which include breakfast. More details are on the Booking page.

  • If you are not already on the MidCon mailing list and wish to be so, send an e-mail via the Queries link in the left hand margin.

  • MidCon provides a very comfortable setting to play your favourite board games and to try out new ones; to meet old friends and find new ones. The emphasis is on relaxation and enjoyment. Most years we have more than 240 people present although numbers were down in 2021 because of Covid.

  • As well as the gaming, there is the Spirit Games stall for new games and the Bring & Buy for second-hand games, plus the real ale bar and the famous MidCon quiz.

  • For any questions contact the MidCon committee click here

Garden room at the Hallmark Hotel, Derby

The new venue should offer a bit more space

Latest news

There will be beer. Your mission is to ensure it all gets drunk without you all getting drunk.

 The online Bring & Buy (Bring & Sell?) browser-based app is now live. There is a new location for the Bring & Buy.

Some minor updates for those of you who are not members of the MidCon Facebook group.

Not so much a con book, more of a map of the hotel and a few words on where things are happening.

MidCon's Bring & Buy goes all electric. Millions of Dylan fans leave in disgust.

MidCon eighties style. Memories of what games were popular in the early days of MidCon.

Mug shots of the committee members 

Guide for absolute beginners (newcomers to cons and MidCon in particular) is also available.