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Last updated:
October 24, 2009


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A Fiendishly simple two-player abstract game. Designed by Alan Parr

Traffic Lights is a cunning game, playable at several levels of complexity. In the simplest version, players place counters on a 3x3 grid, either laying red counters on empty spaces or upgrading red to amber, and amber to green (hence the name). The winner is the first player to achieve three greens in a line. Simple, we think you'll agree (but hey, look at the price).

In the more advanced versions, counter availability becomes an issue, and the board changes size (even during the game).



Traffic Lights

European customers: buy this game for 8

Non-European customers: buy this game for $11

"So simple, a child can play it". In this case, literally true. The most successful player during our testing is one Jack Harrington, aged 9 years, and the self-proclaimed world champion.

Boxed in an economical video case, Traffic Lights will probably be the cheapest game you'll ever see from Fiendish Board Games!

(Curiously enough, quite independently, Joe Walters has designed a very similar game which is also called Traffic Lights. You can try out an online version of his game on his web site.)


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