Bring and Buy Games Stall

The schedule

The Bring & Buy stall will be back, as per usual, but across the road in the Hallmark Inn.

Once again, we will be retaining 5% of the selling price of every game sold in order to cover the costs of hiring the room.

The Bring & Buy registration sheets will be available on the main MidCon registration desk all day on Friday so you can register the games you want to sell in advance, if you wish. 

Instructions on how to do so should be on the back of each Bring & Buy registration sheet, but are also given below

You can also email me (john at for a copy of the spreadsheet so you can complete the registration sheets in advance and get them back to me by 11pm on the Wednesday before the con. Tell me how many games you are selling and I will allocate you a range of numbers in the spreadsheet.


The schedule in 2017 was as below but we are thinking of shifting it back to lunchtime to benefit those who arrive late on the Saturday.

10.00 - 10.29 Sellers bring their games to the sale room
10.30 - 11.00 Buyers are admitted (assuming we have logged all the games for sale)
11.10 - 11.30 Sellers can collect unsold games and proceeds from sales if they are not going to be around for the second session
18.15 - 18.29 Sellers bring their games to the sale room or adjust the prices of games that did not sell in the first fashion
18.30 - 19.00 Buyers are admitted 
19.10 - 19.25 Sellers collect unsold games and proceeds from sales.
19.26 The Bring & Buy team go out for a well-earned bit of nosh

If you want to log details of the games you are selling in advance, you may do so as follows.

  1. Bring your list of games to the MidCon registration desk in the Garden Room
  2. Grab the Bring & Buy folder (this is usually confusingly marked Bank Statements) but do not take it away from the desk.
  3. Enter the details of the games you are selling in blank rows on the forms: game name, seller, price.
  4. Grab the requisite number of coloured post-it notes - these should be on the registration desk. Do not take the whole batch of notes; just the amount you need.
  5. Transfer the relevant info from the Bring & Buy sheets to the post-it notes, i.e. game ID and price.
  6. Slap the post-it notes on your games and bring them along later to the Bring & Buy sale.

Please round all prices to the nearest pound unless you are asking for less than a pound for a game, in which case round it to the nearest 10p.

We will cream off 5% from the proceeds of all sold games to cover the cost of hiring the room.