Bring and Buy Games Stall

The schedule

The Bring & Buy stall will most likely be back across the road in the Ashton Court in the Hardwick suite.

Once again, we will be retaining 5% of the selling price of every game sold in order to cover the costs of hiring the room.

Sellers can register their games in the old-fashioned manner via the Bring & Buy registration sheets (see below) but we are hoping to repeat last year's use of an app that enables sellers to log their games for sale online and for buyers to browse the details. The app incorporates nifty functionality, such as Boardgamegeek ratings and what-not. 

The schedule for 2019 was as below and I imagine this year's schedule will be the same:

10.00 - 10.44 Sellers bring their games to the sale room
10.45 - 11.15 Buyers are admitted (assuming we have logged all the games for sale)
11.16 - 11.45 Sellers can collect unsold games and proceeds from sales if they are not going to be around for the second session
16.45 - 16.59 Sellers bring their games to the sale room or adjust the prices of games that did not sell in the first fashion
17.00 - 17.30 Buyers are admitted 
17.40 - 17.55 Sellers collect unsold games and proceeds from sales.

The old-fashioned handwritten registration process

The Bring & Buy registration sheets will be available on the main MidCon registration desk all day on Friday so you can register the games you want to sell in advance, if you wish. 

Instructions on how to do so should be on the back of each Bring & Buy registration sheet but are also given below.


If you want to log details of the games you are selling in advance, you may do so as follows.

  1. Bring your list of games to the MidCon registration desk in the Garden Room
  2. Grab the Bring & Buy folder but do not take it away from the desk.
  3. Enter the details of the games you are selling in blank rows on the forms: game name, seller, price. If you have a lot of games, please list them on entirely empty sheets; if you only have one or two, feel free to fill in a gap on a partially completed sheet (but try to keep them all in one group of numbers).
  4. Grab the requisite number of coloured post-it notes - these should be on the registration desk. Do not take the whole batch of notes; just the amount you need.
  5. Transfer the relevant info from the Bring & Buy sheets to the post-it notes, i.e. game ID and price.
  6. Slap the post-it notes on your games and bring them along later to the Bring & Buy sale.

Please round all prices to the nearest pound unless you are asking for less than a pound for a game, in which case round it to the nearest 10p.

We will cream off 5% from the proceeds of all sold games to cover the cost of hiring the room.

Games for sale

Out with the quill & parchment, in with the smartphone

Giles Bennett very kindly offered last year to drag the Bring & Buy process into the 21st century. We are hoping to use the same system again this year.

Giles writes: Rather than have it all paper-based, as in the past, the powers that be have very kindly offered to be guinea-pigs for an online platform that I've created, which you can find at

If you're buying, there's no need to register - you can browse listings as they're added, and view full information about the listing (price, condition, any notes) as well as information from BoardGameGeek [BGG] (rating, weight, playing time, ages, etc.) without leaving the site. If you do choose to register a (free) account, however, then you can create a watch list (or import your watch list from BGG) and be alerted via email if listings are added for a game that is on your watch list.

On the day of the sale itself you can then browse the games either in person or online. If you're browsing in person then all the salient details from BGG will be displayed on the games themselves, so hopefully there'll be no need for everyone to wander around with their phones out frantically looking up a game's rating before someone else snatches it up. If you're browsing online, then the availability will be up to date as items are added / removed / repriced / sold.

For sellers, once you create an account (also free, natch) you can start uploading your listings now. Then, on the day of the sale you just take your games along to check them in - you'll be given two (safely removable, without leaving a mark!) labels for each game you're selling, one with the barcode, price and condition, and another with all the useful BGG info.

Once the sales are live you can watch how they're doing - after the first selling period you can pop back to adjust your prices before the second selling period, or after either selling period you can retrieve your games and any proceeds (less the convention's commission of 5% to cover the room hire).

The only caveat is that the system is still populating with games from BGG - there's about 143,000 in there at the moment, but it's still chuntering away, so if you cannot find a specific game, then check back again in a few days.

I also stress that it is in beta - so it may not all work - but hopefully if you find something that you think doesn't work you'll be kind enough to message me here, or via email to, and let me know so that I can fix it! 

Games for sale on tables (and chairs)

John writes: Despite some trepidation about switching to a new system, I think it worked very well. Obviously there were a few teething problems that, if memory serves, largely related to a shortage of technology (functioning laptops, barcode printers, operators with more fingers than thumbs).

Somebody is sure to ask whether we accept electronic payments on the Bring & Buy, to which the answer is currently "no" but clearly we should look into this in the future.