Bring and Buy Games Stall

The schedule

The Bring & Buy stall will be back by popular demand. It will be held in the Gladstone room, which on the map of a Federation starship below is the wing in the top right corner.

Mickleover Hotel or a Federation starship

Massive version of the above hotel map

You can ignore all the rest of the stuff below as it refers to the 2021 event but I am not expecting to make many changes to the 2022 event.

After practically zero reflection, I have decided to stick to the usual session times, which are listed below.

10.00 - 10.44 Sellers bring their games to the sale room
10.45 - 11.15 Buyers are admitted (assuming we have logged all the games for sale)
11.16 - 11.45 Sellers can collect unsold games and proceeds from sales if they are not going to be around for the second session
16.45 - 16.59 Sellers bring their games to the sale room or adjust the prices of games that did not sell in the first fashion
17.00 - 17.30 Buyers are admitted 
17.40 - 17.55 Sellers collect unsold games and proceeds from sales.

Let's make it entirely online, shall we?

I think it is time to retire the old Bring & Buy registration sheets as practically no one used them last time.

The online games registration process can be found at


Giles Bennett has dragged the Bring & Buy process into the 21st century by making it an online process. Here's how it works.

The site for the Bring and Buy has finished inhaling games from BoardGameGeek (BGG), and with a modest 264,675 in its database, is ready for sellers to create their listings.

So, head to and the first thing to do is to click on the Register link to create an account. Then head to Seller Panel in the menu bar at the top, and use the button to create a new listing.

Use the search to find the game, and then specify the version (if you can be bothered, and if there is version data - if neither of those apply, then choose the option "Unknown / unspecified") and the condition, price and any notes (perhaps if it comes with promos or something) and click the Add Listing button. All being well, it should add the listing.

Then, on the day of the sale, come along at the relevant time and your games will be checked in, and you'll be given a barcode to affix on each (the barcodes are removable and don't damage boxes). After the first sale session you can change the price of your games, or retrieve them, along with any sale proceeds for those which have sold, and likewise after the second session you must collect any unsold games.

Any questions, shout here or email - as I say, the platform's a bit dusty, so there may be a few niggles here and there.

Games for sale

I've just had a quick butcher's at the site and a lorra lorra people have already started inputting games on there. So, don't delay; start loading your games for sale now.

There will be a spare laptop in the Bring & Buy room (in the Campbell Bannerman suite - this is a joke; there is no suite in the hotel named after this obscure British prime minister) for a few additions to the database).


Games for sale on tables (and chairs)

At the recent MidCon committee meeting we resolved to buy at least one more card reader so we can take card payments. We haven't worked out how to pay out money to the sellers yet but I am sure we will find some sort of fudge involving wads of craisp fivers and hernia-inducing bags of pound coins.