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MidCon is run by a team of volunteers, chosen more for their willingness to work unpaid than for their photogenic qualities.

So, don't say you weren't warned, but someone suggested that it might be a good idea to post photos of the committee members on the web site and in the con booklet to make it easier for con attendees to find them should they have an issue they wish to report. There is also a horrible rumour that this year they will be kitted out in garish T-shirts. Time for Clive Palmer to join the committee!

So, without further ado, here are the guilty men.

Jeremy Tullett

Chairman of the committee. Handles bookings, usually mans the registration desk and is fond of remarking "this is a board games convention, not a beer convention". Drinks wine.


David Norman

Quizmeister, town crier and Diplomacy player. Fond of dress down Fridays ...


Peter Card

First lieutenant on a lot of things, such as the Bring & Buy and the Beer sub-committee. Fond of starting a game of Agricola at 1.20am and falling asleep


John Harrington

Does the web site (on 1990s software), the Bring & Buy and is on the Beer sub-committee. Fond of grafting a forearm to his shoulder. Hair is now a lot greyer than it was in this picture.


Dave Simpson

If there is a Diplomacy tournament, Dave runs it. Unless Dave runs it - Dave N, that is. Also does the con booklet and advises the Beer sub-committee. Fond of saying he has absolutely no interest in invading the Western Mediterranean Sea. 


Dave Clasby

Like Jeremy, he lives locally. Helps out on the Bring & Buy. Fond of sustainable transport.



You don't have to be called Dave to be on the committee, but it helps.

Latest news

The 2017 con booklet is ready at last

Facebook page is now available. Also a guild on Boardgamegeek 

Guide for absolute beginners (newcomers to cons and MidCon in particular) is also available.