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October 24, 2009

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Games Design

"I've designed this game," is the way the e-mails usually start. I try whenever I can to help but I don't have the time to do a comprehensive reply. Fortunately, Matt Sears has "donated" me some links on game design from his now defunct game design page.

Gencia A specialist pre-press technology company. In other words, they do short-run packaging for prototypes.
Illuminati Designer Article Steve Jackson discusses the events that lead him to the creation of Illuminati.
Reiner Knizia Interview An interview with the master.
Keeping it simple An article by James Ernest, founder and head designer of Cheapass Games, especially for those of us who like to pile it on.
Ludographies Who designed what?
Game Design Michael Stern provides some valuable information for would-be game designers.
Quotes on Game Design These quotes relate to computer game design but much of the information is pertinent to board game design too.
Swoop A British game called Swoop led Mike Siggins to wonder about the differences between mainstream games and "gamer's games."
How Magic Was Born Peter Adkison discusses the events leading up to the creation of the biggest gaming craze of the last decade.
rec.games.design FAQ, version 2.02 This contains a few tips for all sorts of game design.
I Have No Words & I Must Design Greg Costikyan does an excellent job of examining, piece by piece, what is a game.
Designing a game for your school project An attempt to stop GCSE gtaphics students bombarding me with queries (which I don't mind) and then generally forgetting to thank me for my assistance (which I do mind)
BoneGames:Designer's Notes Bruce Biskup of Bone Games talks about how Bone Games came about and discusses the design process of a couple of their games.
Symbolic Theory of Game Design2 Sounds a bit heavy duty!
Stock Car Championship Racing Card Game Mike Garton, creator of Stock Car Championship Racing Card Game, talks about its design.
Boardgame Publishing A couple of suggestions from Stacy Orth
Inventor Scott Marshall, INVENTOR of The Hitchhiker Game, talks about that here.
Narrative and Atmosphere in Boardgame Systems Our man Siggins again
Self-publishing More Articles by Costikyan, among them a discussion of self publishing can be found here.
Tom Jolly Interview From Peter Sarrett's Game Report Online
The 18xx Series - A Case for Re-Design? Yet more Siggins
Al Roth's Game Theory and Experimental Economics Page This may have something to do with game design, then again, it may not.
Members of AM II: Frank S. Nestel Home page of Frank Nestel of Doris & Frank games.
Ernesto Mendoza--Cobra I Games Designer Home page of this Texas designer. (What? He designed Texas?)
Bruno Faidutti French designer of Knightmare Chess, and other games
Free games Michael Petty, has published another game at the Game Cabinet. It's called HiRollin. His other game is called Herbs. And while we're at it, there are a number of free games at the Cabinet ( Game Rule Shelves )

Nic Chilton has created an very fun two player discovery/sea farer variant of Settlers at Nic's Board Games Page

Tom Jolly's web page has been recently updated and includes some Free Games!

Robert Laing has made available two Business Games with more promised.

The following people are doing their own game design and are happy to share their results with you for free:

The Boys' Room is a nice general game page that also offers some original games and game kits.

Wine Dark Sea Games: Several interesting (free) games in various stages of development, from Stanley Anderson.

A number of downloadable and fun games from Bone Games

Game Rule Shelves - from the shelves of the Game Cabinet

Free Board Games - do it yourself games

Cheapass Games Staff Picnic - Lamarckian Poker, free from Cheapass Games

The Board Gamesbook focuses on free board games rules and rules variants for any board games.

If you have a site which you think should be listed here, drop us a line.


Games Design

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