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Last updated:
March 3rd 2004

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General Gaming Resources

Board Boss An intriguing site offering software that enables you to create your own board games to play on the computer. Choose your own game board, create question/answer game cards, and customize your game by choosing the music, font, and much more.
Board Game Geek An absolutely fantastic database driven game resource. I've lost count of the number of times I have referred to it.
Boardgames guide A professional site that looks as if it will be a good resource for games enthusiasts (including board gamers)
Boardgames Pagina: a Dutch site Lots of links to other sites, categorised by game (e.g. Subutteo) or genre (racing games)
Discover Games Another good resource for the prospective game designer
everyrule.com Not quite every rule, but a fair few.
First In Games A directory of board games.
Game Report Online Along with BoardGameGeek, this is (probably) the primo web site for "German games".
GamesChamp GamesChamp provides tips on winning at games. These are (thus far) exclusively family classics like Boggle, so don't expect an in-depth strategy guide to Puerto Rico.
Games Cabinet Not updated for some time now, this was a trailblazer in its day, popularising Germany style games in the USA. Lots of old stuff is still on the site which is worth reading for an historical perspective.
Grognards Alan Poulter's web site for hex wargamers
Knights of the Solent A club web site and rather a good one. These guys seem organised. Worth checking out if you are in the Portsmouth area and are in to RPG, CCG and three letter acronyms.
Luding Comprehensive bilingual (German/English) site.
Recreational and Educational Computing A "mathemagical" page of puzzles and teasers, plus computer programming
Somebody else's links page Just in case we've missed anyone, check out the Manchester games club Manowar's links page. 
Top 100 Board Games Aaron Fuegi's web site contains an ongoing poll to find the best board game of all time. Fascinating stuff, even if Breaking Away didn't quite make it into the top 100 (close at one point though!)

If you have a site which you think should be listed here, drop us a line.


Gaming Resources

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