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Last updated:
October 24, 2009

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Games Companies

We're not the only games company to have a web presence. Here's a few of our favourites.

Dice & Games provide us with games components, including the cyclists for Breaking Away and the plastic discs in Office Politics and Traffic Lights.

Kevingston Games run a UK family and hobby board game resource. Kevin Rolph of Kevingston is a top man in my book, having been very helpful when I was trying to get Breaking Away's second edition published.

Gibson's Games is just about the last major UK owned board games company around now. It is good to see Diplomacy and Civilization still in their line although how long this will remain the case could depend on legal wrangling with Hasbro, the new owners of Avalon Hill.

It's almost embarrassing to have to admit it, because I see the guy quite regularly at cons and naturally we insult each other gratuitously, but Martin Wallace is just about my favourite game designer. Through Warfrog Games he releases games that combine the flavour you would expect from Anglo-American games with the elegance and playability you get from German games.

I've invented a board game, what do I do now? We quite often receive this sort of e-mail and for those doing a "hobby" type game we try and give some advice but if your game is aimed more at Toys R Us and Woolies then try this link or Discover Games. Alternatively, see the Fiendish game design section of this web site.

You might also want to try Taylor & Clifton, a printing company in Oldham, Lancashire (is it still Lancashire or some poncey new made up county?). Geraldine Dick was the contact name I had back in 2005.  

I've invented a card game. If you are based in Britain, try talking to these guys based on glamorous Canvey Island. They make playing cards.

Board Not Bored Games also have done a "how to publish your game" article.

Matt Ryan has a resource page for game designers and Tom Jolly of Diskwars fame also has a game design page

You gotta love Cheapass Games. You provide the game counters, they provide the board and the games.

MathsGames provide quality number games for family fun and to improve numeracy. Made in the UK.Sold world-wide.

You need a good name in this business if you are just starting out, so Laughing Gravy Games have got that part right already. I like their philosophy too.

The world needs more games about ants & termites, especially free ones that are also available in Spanish.  Pity about the flashing gifs on the web site though.

"Hmmm, nice bits" is the first thing you normally hear when one opens a German game for the first time. There's something pleasing about wooden components. Vintage Games Woodworking Plans have a nice "woody" site, featuring woodworking plans for vintage board games: mechanical table hockey, pin-ball baseball, crokinole board. And they're not German!  If you don't fancy doing your own woodworking and have a bob or two to spare, check out these luxury backgammon sets

Space: The Game is a game of three dimensional space warfare.

Game Manufacturers Association have a home page- The GAMA Home Page.

Cactus Game Design. Seems to be a game designer's agent.

There are a number of independent game publishers out there (we are not alone). Here are some of them.

Envelope Games - Idiotic Iowa Weather, Spark, Obelisk.
Guild of Blades Home Page - Grunt, Dark Realms, The War to End All Wars
Microgame Co-Op - Land of the Free, MacArthur's War, Smokejumpers
Fortune Seeker - The High Stakes Board Game for The 21st Century
Real Action Games - Makers of The Ultimate Racing Board game 

If you have a site which you think should be listed here, drop us a line.


Games Companies

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