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Last updated:
October 24, 2009

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Many of these shops stock our games which makes 'em bloody nice blokes in our book.

Boulder Games Wouldn't try popping round to their shop unless you live in the south of the USA, but they have a web presence and are one of the few places that stock a wide selection of European games.
Farscape  Wooden and themed chess items, strategy games, word games, trivia games, family board games including Monopoly and Cluedo, traditional wooden games and more. Not the widest selection of the sort of games we like to play (i.e. hobby games), but they have the biggies, like Eagle Games, the Risk! series and the Catan series. 
The Games Chest New games shop based in Bournemouth, that hot bed of gaming activity. Perhaps we can persuade them to host a con down there some time? Formerly known as "Board Stupid"
Games Lore New kids on the block with a decent selection of board games, card games, collectible card games, role playing games, militairy games plus miniatures.  Mail order only.
The Game Store Based in Lincoln, this site has improved a lot since Karl let his wife participate more in the business!
Hecuba Games A UK-based seller of Collectible Card Games and Role-Playing Games. They specialise in the 'Legend Of The Five Rings', 'Magic: The Gathering' and 'Lord Of The Rings' lines, as well as White Wolf's 'World Of Darkness' ranges.
The Joke Shop Despite the name, they do stock a few games that are likely to appeal to hobby gamers.
Leisure Games These blokes lives just round the corner to me. Trouble is, their shop is about half an hour away.
PlayMe German game shop who will soon be stocking Breaking Away. They do mail order and accept PayPal.
Really Good Games Only a small selection of games that are likely to appeal to hardened gamers, but the site's very nicely done. 
Spirit Games A wide variety of games and game-related items from "Britain's beer capital," i.e. Burton. .
The Sports Games Shop For all manner of sports games, simulation and replay. Stockists of Breaking Away, handlers of our credit card orders and therefore all-round Good Eggs...
Stephen Weir Second Hand Games Actually this site sells more than just games, it does novels, mags and various other bits & bobs too.  Prices only on application, which is a bit annoying but saves him continuously updating the web pages.
Wassail Games Way down west (I think - geography never my strong subject) in Frome, is this shop that is worth taking a detour to on your way to BayCon.
Zombies Ate My Wookie A Blackpool based shop with a selection of most CCGs, board games, RPGs, table top and miniature games as well as action figures.

If you have a site which you think should be listed here, drop us a line.



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