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Last updated:
October 24, 2009

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Do you fancy spending a whole week-end playing games, drinking beer, playing games, eating curries and ... er ... playing games? None of the above activities are compulsory, of course, and you could just pop in for a day but if you can, do pop in.

BayCon A friendly convention held in Exeter. Unlike MidCon and ManorCon, this one does not hold any Diplomacy tournaments so it's a good one for the general gamer. Usually held at the Exeter Court Hotel, Kennford, from 1.00pm on a Thursday in mid-April through to the Sunday. 
Beer & Pretzels Held in Britain'a brewing capital, Burton On Trent, in the town hall in the middle of May. Non-residential but there are plenty of decent b&b places nearby.
BrightCon A Brighton based gaming group periodically organise tournaments in Brighton. They have games meetings in Brighton every Tuesday.
Cambridge Games Meet Takes place the first Saturday of every month (except sometimes January) from 10 till 10, at The University Centre, Mill Lane. It is free but you mustn't bring in your own food or drink.
The Cast Are Dice A new con, based in Stoke on Trent, that is aiming to attract UK subscribers to Boardgamegeek. The con did not happen in 2008 or 2009 because they were messed about but they are determined to plough on.
Dicecon Nice web site, giving details about the Scottish Boardgames Association and the two cons it runs each year, one in Glasgow, the other in Edinburgh.
Essex Games Day 10:00am to 5:00pm on Sunday 4th October 2009, Writtle Village Hall
5 on the door
GenCon I've not been to one of these but I get the impression from a recent review in Flagship magazine they are massive events with trade stands as well as organised tournaments.  
Liverpool Lion Boardgamers They meet weekly in a Liverpool City Centre pub (I'm guessing it is called The Lion), on Monday nights from about 6.30pm to play the usual German and American stuff. 6 Cask beers in an award-winning pub on a quiet night with reserved tables in a side room. 
ManorCon Possibly the biggest face-to-face non-commercial games convention in Britain. University accommodation, and this year it is in Leicester, not Birmingham. The next ManorCon will be 17th to 20th July 2009.
MidCon The other big face-to-face games convention in Britain. Not as big as ManorCon but the surroundings - a 4 star business hotel - are infinitely better. Invariably held in November at the Thistle Hotel, Birmingham.
Mind Sports Olympiad Held somewhere in Britain, some time in the year...  21st to 31st August 2009 this year. Poker, Diplomacy, Settlers of Catan, Lost Cities plus many other games, and the chance to win a medal.
Oxcon The 2007 event has already taken place at The Mitre, The High Street, Oxford, but there will be a 2008 one in January. Tournaments for Diplomacy, Settlers of Catan, Lost Cities plus the usual pick-up games.
PsychoCon This convention is usually held at The Regent Suite, Golden Lion Hotel, Leeds, in October.
SoRCon  SoRCon stands for "Son of Ramsdencon" and this Colchester based con is designed to fill the gap left by the (hopefully temporary) demise of RamsdenCon.
Salute Next one will be held on 24th April 2010 at the ExCel venue in London. It's a war games con with lots of trade stands.
Stabcon Usually held at the University of Manchester. Eclectic mix of RPGs, CCGs, board games and war games that apparently works surprisingly well. About time they got a bloody web site though.
TringCon A one day non-residential con held twice a year in Marsworth, near Tring, which is about 30 miles west of London.
UK Boardgames Conventions Homepage What a thoroughly good idea: a web site that acts as a central resource for UK games conventions. The site will include a conventions calendar, news about cons and a chance to book a place at a con online via Paypal.  
UK Convention News This is a Yahoo group used to make announcements about forthcoming conventions in the UK
UK Games Expo Taking place over a week-end in early June at The Clarendon Suites, 2 Stirling Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B16 9SB, this is a con covering the gamut of games from war-gaming to role playing games,  plus online gaming. Accommodation will be available at a nearby hotel where the gaming can be continued into the evening. Early indications are that this could be the UK's answer to Essen.

If you have a site which you think should be listed here, drop us a line.  Please note that Chris Dawe also maintains a diary of UK conventions and it is usually more up to date than ours.


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